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What is AAII Dividend Investing?
AAII's Dividend Investing identifies the best dividend investment opportunities by focusing in on a select universe of well-financed companies that have the following characteristics:

  • A long history of earnings and dividend growth
  • Positive free cash flow
  • Low to reasonable valuations
  • Plus, a solid outlook for both price appreciation and higher dividends in the future.

A subscription to AAII Dividend Investing will educate you on how to become a successful dividend investor and give you access to a model portfolio of 24 hand-picked dividend-paying stocks. Subscribers will also receive weekly updates and a monthly PDF newsletter providing more in-depth analysis and education.

Subscribers receive:
  • Weekly portfolio updates sent to you via email

  • Monthly PDF issues of our Dividend Investing newsletter

  • Full access to the DI portfolio, company data, past commentaries and more via the DI website

  • Our full three-month money-back guarantee

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A rational approach to selling typically involves removing a security from your portfolio when the reasons you bought it no longer apply. From the standpoint of the DI portfolio, a stock can be removed for reasons including, but not limited to, valuation, a change in dividend policy (or the expectation thereof) or deteriorating fundamentals. A list of the portfolio’s sell rules can be found in the DI User’s Guide...

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The AAII Dividend Investing portfolio seeks income and growth from a diversified portfolio of domestic common stocks paying cash dividends.

Portfolio Dividend Yield YTD Return
Dividend Investing 2.8% 10.3%
DJ U.S. Index (IYY) 1.6% 11.3%
Performance as of 11/14/2014.
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